Outdoor playgroup chat Monday 23th of January time 8.30- 10.00 pm (EST)

Much has been said about outdoor playgroups in mainstream media and online. I think it is time to have a chat about outdoor playgroups. This is a chat for anyone who is doing an outdoor playgroup or would like to start one. We will be sharing information and our frustrations, in the end we will talk about outdoor ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Meet some of our outdoor playgroup leaders, Courtney (Boston area) Debra (Toronto), Brandy, (North Carolina) and Patty (Illinois) to mention a few.

If you are doing an outdoor playgroup and we do not know about you, please join us and share your ideas with us.

Grab a glass of wine or whatever you fancy and join us for chat on our Facebook page . Monday 23th of January time 8.30- 10.00 pm (EST)

This Facebook chat hosted by ActiveKidsclub.com, during the chat we will pick a winner of a family pack of safety re... They are a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Polarn O.Pyret Quality Swedish children clothing will also do a giveaway during the chat.

Our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/activekidsclubcom/70001667719

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