Praying Mantis -

This Praying Mantis is a female and she is full of eggs.  During the fall they lay hundreds of eggs.  They come out one at a time and form a large organized mound that looks like frothy bubbles.  Later, the egg mound hardens to form a protective layer over the eggs so they can hatch without being eaten.  Then the mother mantis dies.

They are called Praying Mantises because their long arms are folded in a traditional praying position.  Some people also spell it preying mantis, which sounds the same but has a different meaning.  Preying means that the mantis is a predator, and they are a good one.

One time my dad and I sat and watched a praying mantis for a while.  They stand perfectly still until a fly or grasshopper or any small insect comes close.  Then they lunge out and snatch it and stab it with the spikes on their forelegs.  If you blink you’ll miss it.

Also, they usually they eat the head first.

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