What is considered to be too cold for recess in Canada and the US differs from state to province. On our Facebook page, we had one mom reporting in Texas that kids are watching cartoons at their school when it is 15°C (59°F) outside because it is too cold. Then we have schools in Canada and the US that are outside when it –20°C (-4°F). See USAToday for more on the story on how different recess limits a...

As parents, it is frustrating to have your child at a school and find out that the school does not take the kids out for recess. Some Parents in New York have started a grassroots campaign to get their school to change their policy about getting their kids outside. They also started a blog called Recess is Fundamental

This is why recess matters in winter too!
1) Spending time outside in the winter can lift children’s mood and prevent SAD. Winter depression

2) Spending time outside gives kids vitamin D

3) Kids who spend more time outside are less sick then kids stuck inside spreading germs.

4) Fresh Air makes kids able to concentrate better

5) Outside is quieter and not as nosy as inside; reducing the stress level for children.

6) Being active outside in active play gives children exercise.

7) Exercise is good for the brain; we get better students

8) Creating friendships and learning social behaviors

9) Preventing Nature Deficit-Disorder; spending time outside connects children with the outside world.

10) Kids who spend time outside in fresh air sleep better; better sleep makes better students.

Resources for recess

Peaceful Playgrounds 
Six ways to save recess 
7 Reasons Why Kids Need Recess (Even the Kids Who Misbehave)

Seven Things You Can Do to Save Recess

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Comment by Kari on January 30, 2011 at 6:57pm

Well, in Canada it can  be very different policy in the schools as well when it is too cold, if they do take the kids outside if it is rainy.



Comment by E skeaff on January 30, 2011 at 10:43am
We are canadian and were totally in shock when we started teaching in New York and kids were not even going to school on days that were considered cold.  outdoorbabynetwork.com

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