Reconnect Nature Writing Workshops "random acts of nature"

We are in full swing and after finishing the second day of writing in nature with complete engagement. The community here is a great resource for urban and natural living. Although it was difficult to express the purpose of such a workshop, some just knew it was just what they needed. We hope to continue and learn simple ways to connect the community every day to the areas within reach. Success story, with teenagers, we engaged them and asked if they wanted to participate as they were walking home from school, they were curious and wanted to know why we would do this. Mind you this is in the most concentrated youth population with little or no green space within the entire zip code, 92701. We talked about subtle nature and urban planning and how we could notice our own relaxation under the canopy, witnessing protection and space. Although the students did not expect this they responded in the most natural way. The next day one of the girls came again to experience nature, and brought a friend. This was amazing and worth, all the planning and stressing that no one would show or that it was not something teenagers think they need. They do, and I encourage everyone to continue the work and continue to connect youth, and teenagers to this great understanding that nature is secure, it is life, it is non-judgemental, transends all emotion into a balance of belonging and connection to something bigger than ourselves. Thanks!!

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Comment by John Thielbahr on September 6, 2010 at 8:54am
Lyndie, this is such an important activity to not only get kids into the natural world but to get them to observe, engage their curiosity, and get them to write about it. I hope you will join the Natural Teachers Network to share your experiences with this activity. All teachers of any discipline can use nature as a classroom, as you are doing. Teachers need to hear that kids can be turned on to learning by nature. Thanks much for this post and please keep us informed and share all stories. John

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