Richard Louv Connecting with Kids through Nature Art

"Never before in human history have children lived so remote from nature," said Louv at a Community Action Toward Children's Health event on Saturday at Kelowna's Rotary Centre for the Arts.
"As computers take over more of our lives, it is so important to get kids outside for activity and play where they are engaged and use their imagination. It's proven that time outside helps kids learn better, have fewer colds and flus, lessens symptoms of attention deficit disorder and generally improves their health." Full article here


Pictures tell a story...I think this picture says it all...This child was thrilled to have found such a big Maple leaf.

Nature makes us happy... Look how happy this child is. It is mid November and she has been running about collecting leaves and pebbles to create nature art with myself and Ricahrd Louv. 

Nature can teach us about compassion, love and respect

We have been telling our stories through art since time began...on the walls of the caves...

Nature Art is a beautiful, fun and magical way for children (and adults) to reconnect with the natural world. The nature art activity I chose for Richard Louv's visit was "Empowerment Pebbles". Empowerment Pebbles actively engage children in nature. The children get the triple effect of being active outdoors, being creative and connecting with nature, making for happy, healthy compassionate children.

Richard Louv Connecting with children through Nature Art

The beauty of the journey of empowerment play is that it brings the animals alive for the
children in a way they’ll long remember. Through this nature play, the children learn how interconnected we all are to one another and all living things.

This nature-based art activity leads to great storytelling opportunities.

We are all storytellers...Richard Louv shared a few stories with us ...  magical encounters with deer and what he loves about fishing.

Richard and the children created the most beautiful Empowerment Pebbles.

Deer representing peacefulness...

...and salmon representing sharing. I loved Richard's salmon leaping out of the water-he used up every space of his wonderfully creative!!!

 THANK YOU Richard for taking the time out of your busy schedule to grace us with your nature stories, creativity and laughter. The children and I had a magical time! Truly a highlight of my year.

Your speech later in the afternoon was both moving and inspirational and I know you touched many, many hearts. Planting seeds that will grow and blossom...creating change - providing better opportunities for children to experience time in nature. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom and for your dedication to the nature movement.

Wishing you all a magical and enchanting week in nature, love and peace, Marghanita xx

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Comment by Jeffrey D. Willius on December 18, 2012 at 10:55am

How wonderful -- and how logical -- that you two connected! What a symbolic activity as you both make your marks on the movement to reconnect kids with Nature. Thanks for all you're doing!

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