Richard Louv Lets His Actions Speak Loudest

Richard Louv has brought his passion for bringing families, children and nature together to yet another empowering project. As a contributor to our recently published book, Actions Speak Loudest, Richard penned an inspiring essay about the diverse physical and emotional benefits of “Connecting With Nature.”

I first met Rich during the filming of our documentary, Remote Control, a film that looks at the relationship between children and the media through the lens of total media consumption and considers what that may be displacing in our children’s lives, including their interaction with nature. His essay in Actions Speak Loudest, our second collaborative project, further examines the implications of our children spending more time in the digital world and less in our natural one.

Beginning each of the thirty-two chapters in Actions Speak Loudest is a powerful photograph followed by a thousand-word essay, maintaining the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. The photograph above is paired with Rich’s piece in the book. I took this picture at Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts, a peaceful place that I, along with many others throughout the generations, have found truly inspirational. It speaks to the splendor of nature that children experience increasingly less as they dedicate more time indoors.

Rich’s chapter concludes with a list of ways you can take action to help children connect to nature in your country, community and home. We recommend that readers join the Children & Nature Network and the “no child left inside” movement as one way to get involved.

Rich is just one of thirty-five strong voices in Actions Speak Loudest who weigh in on the compelling issues of our day, those that are challenging our ability to keep our generational promise to leave our children a better world than we inherited. Other contributors who also encourage children to spend more time in nature include Susan Linn, co-founder and director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, on “Make Believe,” theoretical physicist Brian Greene on “Science & Math Education,” and myself on “Screen Time.” They join a list of contributors that also includes Jeffrey Sachs, Rachael Ray and President Jimmy Carter.

To learn more about the book and all of our inspirational contributors, visit All of my proceeds from the book go back to the organizations featured in its pages, including the Children & Nature Network.

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