Just returned from Juneau, AK. I was down there (2 hour flight from Anchorage) with my son's school. They are trying to pass a bill naming the Malamute as the official state dog. The kids did a great job! Hopefully it will go to vote this session.

On our second day, we had a couple of free hours. The kids were given a choice of going to a playground or shopping downtown. I'm pleased to report that 9 out of 12 chose the park! Better yet, they tired of the playground after about 5 minutes to explore a nearby creek and trail. After an hour of hiking and exploring, the kids built a fabulous fort out of downed branches and leaves. The final product was big enough for two kids at a time and the general consensus was that it was warmer inside the fort than out. (It was about 30 outside). So much more fun than shopping!!

Juneau has more than 250 miles of trails which are well maintained. If you ever get a chance to come our capitol city, be sure to allow plenty of hiking time.

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Comment by Suz Lipman on February 22, 2010 at 1:15pm
Hi Jen! I love that your son's school is experiencing a bit of civic activism. Go Malamute! The hiking, exploring and free play sounds fantastic and memorable. I'm so glad the kids chose it over shopping (which almost always depresses me, as I'm sure it does others.) Perhaps even those who wanted to shop would choose nature next time.

I'd love to get to AK, too. There are so many great posts about it on this network. One of these days!

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