Sign of the times - Sesame Street Changes

I'm watching Sesame Street for the first time in 20+ years -- Today the theme is habitat, and Big Bird is trying to decide if he's going to migrate. A Black-bellied whistling duck is doing a parody on The Maltese Falcon. There are activities for parents and teachers Michelle Obama is planting a vegetable garden. Kids are learning how to leap like a frog.

Cheryl says that the CEO of Children's Television Workshop will credit Rich with influencing them. On The News Hour last night, the CEO said this year's theme is healthy eating and children and nature. Anyway, I knew they were changing the set but didn't realize they were making such overt programming changes.

What an incredible influence on young families! Most of the original cast is still there, so it's like seeing old friends for the parents. As a matter of fact, I remember watching the very first episode as a teenager to see what this revolutionary program for little kids was all about. For me, it stirred all kids of memories from my days watching as a budding professional in early childhood, to watching with my now-adult children when they were young.

We all know we have to influence the many facets of life to reconnect kids and families to nature. As we look for signs of culture change, it's incredible to see this big step! Bravo to the movement -- let's keep this momentum going!

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