Snippet number 4 from 'The Naturals - The Story of Moony'

There are ten stories within my book, 'The Naturals': The Story of Cloudy, Snowy, Windy, Moony, Hailstones, Sunny, Rainbow, Rainy, Starry and Earth. To be read to 4-10 year olds so that they may feel the connection with our Natural World. Once they can feel that our Natural World is alive and compassionate and looking after us all, they will want to look after it!

Here is a snippet from 'The Story of Moony':

'As silence slowly crept along the line, Tiny Mouse was comforted by the fact that Moony was being hidden by Cloudy that night. Oh goody! she thought, I'm going to have a good night's sleep and I'll be able to play all day long tomorrow, without stopping for a rest! She settled down and drifted off to sleep.'...

...'Tiny Mouse couldn't move her leg, which hurt very much. She was beside herself with worry and didn't know where to turn. If only I hd a bit of Moony now, she thought sadly. I wonder ... maybe Moony would answer my wish if I pleaded hard enough. Anything's worth a try, she decided.'...

...'Moony could feel Tiny Mouse's distress. He liked her words, but they were not necessary, for he was just about to help her anyway. He requested Windy's help to blow Cloudy away from his Moony light.'

I hope you are all enjoying our warm bright summer days, and not forgetting our cooler bright moony nights too!

With love, Sharon x

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