Snippet number five from 'The Naturals, The Story of Hailstones'

There are ten stories within my book, 'The Naturals': The Story of Cloudy, Snowy, Windy, Moony, Hailstones, Sunny, Rainbow, Rainy, Starry and Earth. To be read to 4-10 year olds so that they may feel the connection with our Natural World. Once they can feel that our Natural World is alive and compassionate and looking after us all, they will want to look after it!

Here is a snippet from 'The Story of Hailstones':

'Hiding away inside Cloudy, Hailstones waited, not so patiently, to be called upon. They sometimes felt that they spent all their lives waiting for a bit of the action (for the odd occasion when they could let rip and pound Earth, and anything that gets in their way). 'Move over, Rainy! It's our turn now!' they shouted. They were jingling around and itching to get started...

...The joint effort of all the Hailstones rumbling and tumbling towards Bully the Bull made them shiver with excitement. To have Windy behind them blowing them into position made them feel really rather special, and knowing they were about to come to the rescue of a poor defenseless lamb, well that made them all feel SO important!...'

Do you, too feel as if you are just hanging around waiting for a piece of the action like Hailstones? If so, you don't have to hold back any longer. Just jump right on in there and enjoy living...

With love, Sharon x

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Comment by Sharon Petersen on September 3, 2010 at 1:10pm
Hi John, thank you so much. I will keep them coming! Sharon
Comment by John Thielbahr on September 3, 2010 at 11:50am
Great little snippet that connects with the others, and a wonderful metaphor that will provide a peek into what is going on in the mind of a child. Hard to get them to talk about what they are feeling. This might do it. Thanks Sharon and keep the snippets coming. jt

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