Snippet number seven from 'The Naturals', The Story of Rainbow'

There are ten stories within my book, 'The Naturals': The Story of Cloudy, Snowy, Windy, Moony, Hailstones, Sunny, Rainbow, Rainy, Starry and Earth. To be read to 4-10 year olds so that they may feel the connection with our Natural World. Once they can feel that our Natural World is alive and compassionate and looking after us all, they will want to look after it!

Here is a snippet from 'The Story of Rainbow':

'As Sam and his family bundled into the car, he looked up at the sky to the twinkling Starries and made this wish: 'Starry, please can I see Rainbow?' Whenever Sam saw a Starry, he always had the same wish. He had seen Rainbow in books and on posters, on walls and on the television. But NEVER had he seen one for himself up in the sky. He didn't actually believe Rainbow existed, although he knew Mum and Dad wouldn't tell him tales.'...

...'Starry listened. Rainbow was ready and waiting for Sunny and Rainy to clash together, before she could show her colours to Sam, but they were both busy doing important jobs around the world.
'Washing, drying, washing, drying - that's all they do all the time', Rainbow thought impatiently. She knew how important it was to show herself to Sam before his eyesight grew too weak for him to see her. She decided to think hard to hatch a plan which would help Sam's wish come true...'...

Can you feel all The Naturals looking after you - with their coincidences? Or does a random and unfeeling Universe spring to mind sometimes? In either instance, look for the love behind ALL happenings - as it WILL be there x

The Naturals, with all ten stories inside, is in hardback with 170 pages and includes more than 50 beautiful illustrations. There are thought-provoking questions at the end of each story, so children get to think for themselves about the possibility of a good intention and purpose behind the actions of our Natural World.

My book is now available in the US from for $18-£20. Please feel free to check out my website at

With love, Sharon x

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