Cowgate Under 5's Centre's outdoor space has undergone quite a transformation since the last time I was there. What really struck me was the sheer abundance of beautiful stones scattered around every nook and cranny...

Stones in the outdoor shed (no more sand in here)!

Stones scattered in the mirror tunnel and beyond - great for reflective activities!

Stones lining the edges and ridges filling those little spaces

A place to sit above the stones! Imagine feeling the warmth of the stones on a sunny afternoon with your bare feet!

A bridge to crawl over the stones... or to reach under...beware of the troll!

Better a shoe on a stone than a stone in a shoe!

Stones for protecting the soil and helping to grow plants.

And tyre after tyre filled with stones for moving, playing, transporting, rolling, scattering and any thing else you need them for.
Teresa - one of the pre-school staff - told me that the building company that supplied the sand also supplied the stones at a very competitive price. Check out your nearest building supplies merchant and be up for a little haggling...

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