Taiga Trekkers: Animal Tracks & the Prospect Heights Trail

Animal Tracks & the Prospect Heights Trail

We hit the Prospect Heights Trail, on the upper hillside, yesterday morning in search of animal tracks, our theme for the Trek. We found a lot of human, bird, moose and Canine prints left behind in the snow. The kiddos made inferences as to what kind of humans made some of the tracks due to the size of the print left - mommy (medium), daddies (large) or kid (small) tracks. My little bear donned his bear track snowshoes for a little while. Leaving behind some scaring looking prints! They are much more fun, than practical.
We had an amazing turnout! About 15 parents (moms & dads) and perhaps 30+ kiddos. We made a loop on the Prospect Heights Trail, well most of us. My oldest was having a rough morning and was what we like to call in our family... a Grumpus Maximus. We should have kept going as it would have been an equal distance as what we did back tracking. When we returned to the trailhead many of the kiddos indulged in snacks and rehydrated, then played in the woods still keeping an eye out for tracks.
Every week we have an open ended theme to focus on during our Treks. It is nice way to create a communal conversation along the trail about the natural world around us. Join us next week, as our theme will be birding - listening, spotting and mimicking bird calls. For more information and to RSVP please go to the Anchorage Outdoor Family Network's webpage.

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