Taiga Trekkers - Coastal Trail from Kincaid Park

Coastal Trail from Kincaid Park

Holding hands was a theme today among some of our little ones. Preschool choices vs. unschooling vs. homeschooling was the topic among parents. We all concurred that no matter your choice it is a healthy thing to have some "me" time.

The Coastal Trail from Kincaid Park starts behind the Chalet. Like the rest of the Coastal Trail it is paved, making it a fantastic thoroughfare for strollers. The big hill at the beginning takes you down through lush vegetation and out of the wind. Raspberries were abundant on the trailside. From there the path parallels the coastline. There are a few off shoots to go down to the beach and others that lead to benches set in front of world class views of the inlet.

Along the trail the group broke up into their usual subgroups loosely based on age. The toddlers anxious to do their own hiking served as the caboose of our train. On the way back the hill was a butt-buster. Everyone was rewarded at the end with time at the playground. We picnicked and played.






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