Coyote Trail from Abbott Loop Community Park

After an early winter cold snap, today's above freezing temps were a welcome treat! 2 dads, 13 moms and 17 kids hit the Coyote Trail. We started at Abbott Community Park off of Elmore. As you can see from the trail marker there are a myriad of trail options out there as it is tied in with the Campbell Tract, Bicentennial Park and the Hilltop ski trails. With the exception for the hill at the very beginning of the trail the rest of the terrain is completely flat. As we trekked the sun rose higher and higher over the trees. Some babes were worn, while many were pulled in sleds and still others pushed in chariots or jogging strollers on this wide trail. We encountered many a dog walker and saw a group of snow bikers heading out before us, a true multi-use trail.

Through a typo on the meetup page we started at 10:30 this morning instead of our usual in-town 10 am start time. It seemed to work better and give us a little more sunshine on these short winter days. It looks like we might make this our permanent start time for the rest of the winter season.

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