Texas Tree Lizard -

This is the largest lizard I have ever caught.  Sometimes called the Texas Spiny Lizard, they can be almost a foot long, even though much of that length is their tail.  They are related to the horny toad in that they have small spikes all over their body.

Unlike every other lizard I know of, these guys live in trees or around tall wooden structures like fences or telephone poles.  They are hard to catch since as soon as you spot one they retreat immediately for their treehouse, which is a pretty good defense.  Along with their great camouflage, it almost looks like the tree has eyes.

Being a tree lizard might not be too rough; live in big trees, perfect camo, spikes on body, sweet claws.  That’s not a bad life.  I’m sure I could get used to eating insects.  I did eat some ants once…

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