This morning in Palestine--the tail-end of September, the Eid al Adha approaching this coming Saturday--it began to rain. Six months ago this happened, and then came the sometimes oppressively hot, always dry, forever beautiful summer, which shone sun on all of Juthour's plants and animals. It limited the shade but brightened the life blood of our community activities we pulled off with great success. One of these was Discovery Days, where we introduced a full immersion of green activities for the youth of our Palestinian community. Foregrounding eco-values through fun activities, games, group discussions, and information on natural heritage, we see this as the beginning of a life of environmental activism for our nation's children.

And now comes October: harvesting season, sprinkles of rain, dark clouds playing along with the sun, and the continuation of life up at Juthour. Family Fridays, where parents and kids come up for four days in October to build a palm hut, enjoy storytelling hour, learn about upcycling, build an insect hotel, olive harvest, and dance to live music on our land.

May the water from all of our skies sweep in and replenish our natural grounds so that our families now and always may be able to experience it.

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Check us out:

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