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Like many in this network I was pretty deeply disappointed in the recent Toys 'R Us ad pitting "trees vs. toys", highlighted in the C&NN media update.  Like many of you Toys 'R Us has been a part of our gift giving and, to be honest, I still enjoy exploring the canyons of toys in the aisles myself.


Nothing conveys our disappointment more effectively to Toys "R Us than the power of the purse: not buying from them - and letting them know that.  If you are unhappy with their ad, let them know about it with your voice and with your coin.


Below is some customer feedback I posted on their website.  You have to drill down a bit to get to a place where you can write an e-mail.  If you prefer phone, try 1-800-ToysRUs.  There may be social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter where you can express your concerns as well.  Here's the link to the help desk.  http://www.toysrus.com/helpdesk/index.jsp?ab=TRU_Header:Utility1:He...


Here's my feedback:

In re: Your recent television ad pitting "trees vs toys".  With 3 kids and 4 grandkids Toys 'R Us has been a part of our lives and our gift-giving for a long time.  So has our effort as a family and as community volunteers to get kids outdoors and into nature.  We are disappointed in your recent television ad which is highly counter-productive to those important goals, goals which are increasing shared by many communities, families, and corporations - but not, apparently, by yours.  We will not be shopping at Toys 'R Us or any of your affiliates this holiday season, or again until we see your company more aligned with our family's values.

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