I was writing notes for my speech for the Nature Education Conference in New Zealand and it sparked a visual idea that I had to draw. It seeded the theme of what will ultimately become the main thread of my talk.

We are of the Earth.


Without nature, we are nothing…this I know in my heart.


Spending time in nature opens our hearts.

Nature connects deep within my soul…there is no separation…we are one…

We are of the Earth.

Our deepest roots are in nature…this is what my heart wished to paint…



Nature's beauty is a gift that cultivates gratitude.

I am grateful for the gift of creativity. I am grateful for the sense of wonder. I am grateful to have been gifted this unique day, a miracle… to wonder and dream and draw with my heart. I am grateful to be able to feel the pleasure and beauty of nature.  I am grateful for my heart to feel this love and grateful to be able to share it with children, educators, with you…I am grateful for you…for your smile, your love, your patience and understanding, your beauty, your teaching, your truth, your very essence.
You are deeply loved. We are all deeply loved.
Wishing you all a beautiful Thanksgiving, love and peace Marghanita x

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