Winter -
Winter is the coldest season of the year, when you have to be tough to be outside.  Winter happens when the earth is rotated farthest from the sun.  It is a time of cold, snow, ice, and indoor fires in the fireplace.
There is usually an ice storm or two in the winter.  An ice storm is when a big cold front blows in from the north.  But it is rain instead of snow and everything gets coated with ice.  It makes huge icicles hanging off the roof and trees.  Sometimes, if the ice is thick and heavy enough, branches break off the trees.  The icicles are fun to play with and break, but they can also be dangerous.
It is easier to track animals in the snow and ice, because their tracks stay impressed into the snow.  I layer up with clothes and start making tracks.  I love to find out what animals are scrounging around looking for food.  Everything seems new.

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