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At 8:50am on July 2, 2011, Carmen Field said…
I was on vacation for a month, so undoubtedly my package from you arrived in a timely manner and was in my mailbox for a while. When I'm out of the office on vacation, I'm REALLY out of the office and don't check in...even when I don't leave town :) Happy 4th of July, Ken! 
At 9:12pm on July 1, 2011, Ken Finch said…
You're very welcome, Carmen; love what you do! (But the Post Office must be wallowing, too -- I sent those weeks ago. :-) )
At 8:52pm on July 1, 2011, Carmen Field said…

Thank you sooooo much for the new batch of stickers, Ken! I found them in my mailbox today and can't wait to share them with local wallowers :)


Yours in mud,



At 9:59pm on May 24, 2011, Carmen Field said…

Howdie Ken,

Great to hear from you and so glad the Mud Games photos brought you smiles (you might like this one, too). Yes, I'd love more Got Mud? stickers...thank you so much! And I really like the idea of more stickers like those...Worm Worship especially. You could steal a saying from the John Deere t-shirt series, like Mud Magnet. Hmmmm...I'll let you know if I come up with any. I hope you can make the Gathering in CA this fall. There's no longer funding for me to travel at work, but I plan on paying my own way and going if invited. I hope you and the Green Hearts Institute are doing well :) Cheers, Carmen

At 11:54pm on May 23, 2011, Carmen Field said…

Howdie Ken!

I just wanted to thank you again for the Got Mud? stickers that you sent to me...I gave away the last of them at Saturday's 2nd annual Mud Games at The Wallow. Families loved them!!! I've posted pictures from this weekend's event on my page, if you'd like to see more muddy fun. Do you have a wallow yet in your town?




At 10:45pm on September 30, 2010, Carmen Field said…
Hi Ken,
Here's my favorite wallow photo with your Got Mud? sticker from Saturday. I'll try to upload others on your page (into your photo album)...we'll see how that works.

At 11:15am on September 18, 2010, Carmen Field said…
Thanks again, Ken. I'll send you Mud Games photos and try to get one with your sticker in there :)
At 11:25pm on September 17, 2010, Carmen Field said…
If you can send me some Got Mud? stickers, I'd love can send them to:
Carmen Field
95 Sterling Hwy, Ste. 2
Homer, AK 99603

Thank you soooooo much, Ken!

At 10:41pm on September 17, 2010, Carmen Field said…
Sounds like a deal to me! Can you spare 100 stickers? Or if that's too many, whatever you'd like to give us would be great. These will be the perfect things to give kids after we hose them down at the cleaning station post-mud play :)
At 10:34pm on September 17, 2010, Carmen Field said…
Hi Ken,
You are welcome to use any of the photos I've posted for whatever purposes you need. I appreciate you asking and have no problem whatsoever with you using them. On another note, we're having another Mud Games at The Wallow on Nature Rocks Day next week and I was wondering if you might have some Have Mud? stickers that I could give to our might I get some of these from you?
All the best!
At 1:03pm on September 15, 2010, Juliet Robertson said…
You're welcome - I've found that there's so many definitions and criteria that one really has to clarify on a case-by-case basis!
At 11:41am on September 15, 2010, Juliet Robertson said…
Hi Ken

In Scotland, a nomadic outdoor preschool is one that has an official designated building ... but it is hardly used at all. It's a token to ensure the pre-school can be registered. It's usually the drop-off / pick up point. In Scotland all pre-schools must have a building of some form such as a village hall. None have a classroom structure.

We have just 2 nomadic outdoor pre-schools and both of them leave the building immediately all the children have arrived and don't return for 6 hours or more. If a child is at pre-school for half a day, they are collected from the woods or other place they are playing. Because there is no designated outdoor space and the play areas are remote, there is no running water such as a tap. All water has to be carried in on foot.

I'm not going to the World Forum Nature Action Collaborative in Nebraska. But for good reasons I guess as I've got too much work on here in Scotland! Clare Warden hosted a weekend in Scotland as part of last year's Northern Ireland conference. Her nature kindergartens are not nomadic. The woods are adjacent to the buildings and outdoor space..

Does this help?

Many thanks
At 10:05am on August 18, 2010, Shannon Baer said…

In a nut shell, I offer workshops to teachers and parents and classes for children on connecting kids to nature. I love nature preschools and also enjoy working with older kids and adults. I want to expand my current services so that Backyard Mama is a sustainable business that supports me and carries this message that is dear to my heart.
I have heard wonderful things about Green Hearts and am excited for any insight or suggestions that you can offer me through this process.

I wold love to talk more to you! Shannon
At 6:50pm on July 7, 2010, Rhonda Ursulak said…
Thanks Ken, I will take a look at that website.
At 10:22am on December 22, 2009, Juliet Robertson said…
Hi Ken

Thanks very much for contributing to my recent thread about why children may not benefit from being outdoors. I've just had a look at your Green Hearts organisation which is quite similar to the type of work I'm doing. It's always good to meet fellow outdoor enthusiasts who are interested in play based approaches.

Please do keep in touch and feel free to contact me whenever - via this website or my own.

Best wishes

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