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At 5:53pm on October 25, 2011, Steve Miller said…
Sorry it took me so long to respond to your friend request! Honestly, I forgot all about the site for a while, got caught up in work, football practice and soccer practice!
At 1:00pm on August 5, 2011, Fiona Della-Sale said…
PS  Our website for our cycle touring adventure is:, if you're interested.
At 12:59pm on August 5, 2011, Fiona Della-Sale said…

Hi Narelle

We are currently in France, cycling our way through Europe. Loving the outdoors here and observing how other countries 'get natured'! I will be out of internet range for a week but will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now



At 10:26am on July 26, 2011, Suz Lipman said…
Hi Narelle! Is the video contest still open?
At 8:54pm on May 30, 2011, Tracy Schauberger said…

Hi Narella,

I couldn't connect to the link you sent :(


At 6:09am on October 28, 2010, Jennifer Leanne Shortis said…
Hi Narelle, I have just read your profile and love what you do. I was hoping to attend the HPHP in Melbourne but it was not to be. I would really love to learn more about the free play experiences. :D
At 8:08am on September 19, 2010, Juliet Robertson said…
Hello Narelle

I thought I'd stop by and say hello as I do to all people outwith the USA. It's quite an interesting site - a little bit like a rabbit warren.

I run the Scotland group and the International Group. If you have a look on the Scotland site you will find Mandy Tulloch who runs "Mud Pie Adventures" which sounds quite similar to what you do.

Best wishes
At 8:11am on September 4, 2010, Lee Wayne Sollenberger said…
Narelle, first get there intrest in what you are trying to do..I always draw a simple pattern and ask them to paint there favorite bird (Bluebirds are simple) ask them to make the sound of an owl,hawk,chickadee etc. take a bird walk pond, lake trail etc ask them to find ducks, geese etc. I find that kids this age are really willing to get involved and learn, as long as you keep the attention span going..I'm not sure what holiday you mean..Morning is the best time to find birds forging for food..take binos as they will want to see what they are looking for and it makes for a better viewing of the subject..

1 painting
2 bird walk
3 Bird calls
4 stop,look and listen
5 ponds, lakes, and trails
6 a bird a great place to view birds..they have to be quite,and thats the hard part foe the little guys!!

Hope this helps..all the best and good luck..

At 6:19am on September 2, 2010, Lee Wayne Sollenberger said…
Thanks Narelle, I just got back from Vancouver,BC taking Grand kids to see "Walking With Dinosaurs" WOW!! what a sow...Would love to go again..Love the photos,kids have so much fun outdoors,just went Salmon fishing on the mighty Fraser and caught some COHO for a BBQ with my daughter and family..Looks like you have lots of fun also and keep it up..We are painting a mural right now so I must be off to 100 Mile House..Bye for now..

At 9:46am on August 30, 2010, Suz Lipman said…
G-Day Narelle! Hearty welcome to the forum. I'm so glad you've joined us. I love all your pictures. Thank you for posting them. What happy children (and adults) enjoying nature! How fortunate that you presented at the workshops. I know you have much to offer here and hope you continue to make yourself at home in discussions and groups. Have you found our Australia group yet? There are many other groups that will interest you. I hope this proves a rich source of resources and camaraderie. Cheers!

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