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At 8:47am on February 5, 2012, Anne Malcore said…

Thanks so much!  I  am hoping to find lots of useful information here and that this network will assist me in my new ventures.  I have been reading some books about gardens and healthy food lately and right now I am loving Community Garden by the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.  It makes me wish I had a green thumb already but it is inspiring me to not quit and keep focused on my goals!  I would recommend it for anyone who wants to find out really useful and good information about why community gardens are so necessary, useful, and productive.  I guess thirty-one is not too old to begin a new hobby/career?  I hope I can one day post a picture on here of a community garden I have been a part of creating!!

At 2:31pm on February 4, 2012, Diana Schmied said…

Thank you so much for your welcome!  I have the family nature network group (I think), and have spent a bit of time looking around the website.  It's a little overwhelming, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it!

At 10:18am on February 3, 2012, Will Walker said…

Thank you for the welcome and I definitely look forward to sharing and learning with this community. Hopefully soon I'll have some pictures and thoughts to share as my main reason for joining is that I came across this sight via some nature and wilderness learning sites, and, with my 5 month old daughter in the picture, I want to help foster that nature copnnection from early on and spread it to others when and where I can.

At 11:10am on February 2, 2012, John Steward Duco said…

Hi Suz!!


Thanks for the warm welcome note. I do appreciate it very much.

Presently, I have not added photo but I hope to do so soon. I am presently serving as one of the advisors at a Pre-Primary, Primary,  Elementary, Junior and Senior High School in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa.

I would very much appreciate if there are some volunteers who would like to come to our School in Liberia and stay for some time to introduce to our many students this nice program.

At 8:28am on February 2, 2012, AyoLane Halusky said…

Glad to share. I work For UNF and I am in charge of the Wildlife Sacntuary and the Eco-Adventure program. I am new to this site so i have not loaded pictures yet, how ever  there are some of the collage age on " UNF ECo-Adventure" in facebook. look it up. How do I get involved in local groups in town?

At 9:44pm on January 26, 2012, Lourdes M. Landron-Garcia MD said…
Thanks for the welcome
At 2:44pm on January 21, 2012, Donna Hill B.Sc. B. Ed. CHI said…

Thanks for the welcome Suz!

I am perusing the posts and resources to see where I might fit in. At present I am writing a couple of  activity guides to teach kids about the natural history of dogs. I feel it's a direct link to nature that some kids have right under their noses but don't learn about. And of course, their dogs get them out walking. 
I spent 15 years as a nature interpreter working with kids outdoors (for gov't, non-profit and privately) and loved it but we have moved and there is not as much opportunity for me to connect with the teachers and kids as I used to do (despite having a perfect wooded park and lake literally on my front doorstep). Was a facilitator for the Project Wild, Wet etc programs, and teaching others how to lead guided nature programs with kids and adults. 
I have been involved in the "Young Naturalists" group but that was also several years ago.
I finally read "Last Child in the Woods" about 4 months ago and much of my experience dove-tailed with what he found in his studies.

At 6:47am on January 20, 2012, janet haworth said…
Hi, Suz! I am currently auditing a class @ university on getting children, specifically students, outside enjoying nature; but as a retired teacher, am looking at the information for volunteer opportunities. The class is offered to pre service teachers through the Conservation Department. If the program is funded by the university, I will be qualified to teach the courses! As a Master Naturalist, I am often presenting to students, and have been asked to be the contact for our school district's early childhood program with the Dept. Of Conservation.
At 8:18pm on January 18, 2012, Renee Wahlen Tillema said…

Thanks for the welcome, Suz! It looks like lots of great information here.


At 8:57am on January 17, 2012, Jacob Francis said…

Thanks for the welcome Suz.  I'm excited to be a part of the network!


At 6:47pm on January 14, 2012, Jennifer Mauney Smith said…
Hi Suz. Thanks for the welcome. I have already enjoyed browsing the sight and gotten lots of great ideas for the family nature club I am dreaming of starting in our community. Still a dream at this point, but getting closer to reality! Glad to have found this network.
At 4:36pm on January 13, 2012, Kurt Gantert said…

Hi Suz- Thanks for the welcome!  I'm glad to be a part of this network.



At 6:59pm on January 8, 2012, Katie Mercer-Taylor said…

Thanks for the warm welcome! This network looks like a really helpful resource, and the rest of the GEEKs team and I are looking forward to participating.

At 4:07pm on January 5, 2012, E skeaff said…

Hello Suz, This is Heidi Ahrens from the Outdoor Baby Network.   I would love to follow up on the conversation we started very briefly in September.  My email address is or my number 970-355-9982.

Heidi Ahrens

At 1:25pm on January 5, 2012, Richard Halpern said…

Thanks Suz!

I already joined the Place-based education group and look forward to learning about other cool happens and groups on C&NN. EcoApprentice is a new application, but ripe for some creative collaboration with other educators and eco-minded professionals looking to innovate and share ideas.

Thanks for the warm welcome to what looks to be a wonderful resource!



At 12:46pm on January 3, 2012, Rita Collins said…

Thanks for being so very welcoming. I look forward to sharing and learning from the group.


At 9:49pm on January 2, 2012, Melissa L. Hodde said…

 Hello Ms. Lipman,

Thanks for welcoming me to the forums! I am a middle school student who wants to learn more about nature. I recently graduated from Cornell Cooperative Extension's Master Gardener Program and am excited to get involved in some volunteer work, especially involving conservation and nature. I hope to be a contributing member to the forums, and get to know people as well. I have recently read a book called "Last Child in the Woods" by Richard Louv, and it was there, as well as several articles in magazines and online that I heard about the Children and Nature Network. I have always been interested in getting more of my friends (and future friends) to appreciate nature. I have written several short essays on nature-related subjects, and I was wondering if there is an appropriate thread for posting these.

- Melissa

At 8:55pm on January 2, 2012, shweta arya said…
Thanks Suz. I have young kids and I am looking to get them involved in nature and
Outdoors more so that they can stay away from the electronic world!
I just finished reading Richard Louv s 'the lost child in the woods' and I feel
That this book has come to me at a great time in my life when my kids are young!
I live in Columbus but I will try to be active in the network.
At 10:53am on December 20, 2011, Angie Shugart said…

Thanks for the welcome message. I look forward to the resources provided by this network and becoming connected with educators who share my passion of the outdoors. This profession is so rewarding and I am excited to see what is going on the the world of Outdoor Education throughout the nation and beyond. 

One World Adventure Company has a great calender of events for 2012! Updates coming soon!! 


Angie Shuagrt

Co-Director and Tree Hugging, Dirt Worshiper

At 10:12am on December 20, 2011, Dawn Denton said…

Thank you for the warm welcome!  The topic of this group is right up my alley.  I am an educator/author/ and gardener.  I have felt very motivated to share the wonders of nature with young children for many years.  This is a great tool for me, and I hope I can help the network as well.

I am sorry my link did not work.  I am posting it again.  Hope it works this time.

I look forward to being a part of this network.

Merry Christmas!


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