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At 2:03pm on February 21, 2011, EUNICE MURUA FIGUEROA said…

Thaks for the welcome! I am sure I will learn very many thinks from you!


Eunice. Mazatlan Mexico

At 11:24am on February 20, 2011, Tyrell Hughes said…

Thank you for the kind words. I am looking forward to our meet.


Let's G.O.!

At 12:11pm on February 19, 2011, Amanda Speer said…
Thanks for the Welcome!  I am committed to the Children in Nature movement.  As I write this, I have a green worm bin behind my desk (handy to toss in banana peels and apple cores) and an ever growing pile of beautiful pine nuts on my desk.  We are in process of training new volunteers here at the Lake Oroville Visitor Center, reminding them what they already know...that mud is healthy and sunshine is good for you, bugs are superfun and around here we love to learn about scat! 
At 4:41pm on February 15, 2011, Michael Smith said…
Thank you for the welcome!  I want to keep thinking about and learning about the intersection between nature and therapy.  Up until now my herpetology and nature involvement has been about conservation and education (and simply being there in the experience), separate from my work as a therapist.  Looking forward to more involvement with C&NN.
At 3:23pm on February 15, 2011, Paul Reimer said…

Hi Suz,


I also thank you for the welcome; obviously I need to log in more often!  Great to see so many people joining this network!

At 10:05am on February 15, 2011, r francis mudman johnson said…

thanks suz I'm new to blogging but perhaps will look into the art as therapy group although in my writing of a new book I realize behavioral therapy is a problem and not a solution [the works of bf skinner'beyond freedom and dignity' says it all !  what is your work [or play] here? your photography is wonderful! you know the work[or play 'of o fred donaldson "playing by heart" it caused this poem to ne created {I;m first of all a poet in a culture that doesn't believe in the importance of play or poetry.blessings

A New World Order: Playful Loving Collaboration:

(dedicated to anndle, maya and men’s wellness santa fe)*


A psychologist friend see’s me for who I am


and see’s and says

I don’t have a mean bone in my body

and I say yes life broke them all

as they weren’t useful to protect me anymore

and since they were my rage and anger bones

who needs them!

so I use their holy energy for the courage and the strength

to change the things I can change about our very wounded world

with love collaboration and playfulness;

love is the reason we are here and the only reason

for living and collaboration and play

makes it all sacred loving fun once again.

mudman johnson

At 8:19am on February 15, 2011, Alexandra Douglas-Kane said…

Hi Suz


Thanks for the welcome. It's great to be part of this network. Snap. I now recognise you from Twitter as well. What a great PLN that is. I hope C&NN connect will be  a great place for learning and sharing. I'll update my profile and make myself known!



At 1:07pm on February 14, 2011, r francis mudman johnson said…
thanks I love to play in the mud and collaborate with others to create the world we want to live in I hope this is ok? blessings mudman johnson
“Come Play in the Mud Day”

Come join us [or create where?]oin us the 29th of May 10am to 3pm for a day of playing in the mud and creating art, ceremony, and celebration in collaboration with Mother Earth. We will lay our bodies on the earth and ask for what she would like and the images, words and ideas are so qualitatively different from what might be generated from our minds alone. Let us celebrate our coming together in a community and collaborate with each other and the Earth. To collaborate we must learn new skills: democratic social skills, play and the ability of letting go of our individual perspective for the greater good. Playful Collaboration is the New World

Facilitated by robert-francis “mudman” johnson and you.

Don’t let yourself die away to your callings, ideas, inspiratus…that is the breath of One greater that comes to you as, los vientos, as great winds of Spirit. Creative life is not an option.
Creative life is a drive, a fierce and relentless drive.
- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

robert-francis johnson is a sculptor, poet, natural builder and artist of the earth. His book, The Earth Speaks: Remembering to Listen, is the story of the last 15 years of his life since he discovered that working in mud with other people bonds us to the earth and each other in truly magical ways.
At 11:08am on February 14, 2011, Laure Latham said…

Hi Sue, thank you so much for the kind words nd warm welcome. I'm very excited to be finally connected to the C&NN. I've been reading it for many years without really knowing how to be part pof the conversation. Now I'm here and thrilled to share my pieces on family hiking or Northern Cal outdoors adventures. Thanks for letting me know I could repost my Frog Mom blog posts. I'll tweak them a bit and add them to the impressive blogroll on C&NN. Have a great day,


At 10:32am on February 14, 2011, Robyn (Kool Breeze) said…
Thank you Suz.  I have an 11 yr. old son and mix my events accordingly.  I will look into the info. you sent me.
At 3:34pm on February 11, 2011, Laurel Heger said…

Thank you so very much Ms. Lipman for the welcome.

I will make myself  home on this site.


At 5:32am on February 11, 2011, Stephen (Hoppy) Hopkins said…
Hello Sue:  That really is a worm.  Gardening will never be the same.  How are folks using your site?  I am assisting interested individuals or small groups who would like to volunteer in a community eco-tourism project in Costa Rica.  They can contact me via this site or go to for more info.
At 10:06pm on February 10, 2011, Tracy Charlotte Young said…

Thanks for the welcome Suz.

I will look at the blog. I work with a number of educators in Australia who are helping children and EC educators connect with nature. I am also co-author of two Australian texts - "just Discover Connecting Children with the Nautural World" and " The Outdoor Playspace Naturally"

At 2:04pm on January 29, 2011, Katherine Svrcek said…
Hi Suz. Thanks for the note. I have a keen interest in getting children back out into nature. I am a new parent with a 6-month-old baby, which has renewed my interest in this topic, but I've been an advocate for this for a few years now. I hope this forum can help give me some ideas and impetus for initiatives in my area!
At 1:39pm on January 27, 2011, Amanda Patrick said…
Hey Suz and thanks so much for the kind and gracious welcome!  Great to be plugged into the network here and looking forward to connecting up with other USFWS personnel along with any and all as we help to keep the movement of connecting children with nature moving ever forward.  And so, wishing you all the very best and keep in touch! 

Cheers and much gratitude,
At 2:20am on January 26, 2011, Yasantha Mapatuna said…
Hi..... nice to here from you and we are working hard to connect underpriviledge children in estate sector in Sri Lanka putting back into nature.
At 9:15pm on January 25, 2011, Katherine Scott said…
Thank you for your encouragement. I am so blessed to be connected to this network. I look forward to all of us sharing ,and growing together. I'm also looking forward to getting more children outside iin the future. For now have to work on building a team of supportor.(parents etc)
At 2:02pm on January 24, 2011, Craig Brant said…

Hi Suz,


Thanks for the warm welcome!  I am looking forward to getting started, staying connected and aware of what is going on in this group. 



At 8:59am on January 22, 2011, Matt Bradley said…

Hi Suz,

Thank you for welcoming me.  I really appreciate what C&NN is doing to raise awareness of the lack of outdoor free play that kids are experiencing. 


At 4:03am on January 20, 2011, Tobey Eugenio said…

Hi Suz-

Thanks for the great welcome! I look forward to learning and connecting more!


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