I have given several presentations to parents, community leaders, educators, etc. on the nature deficit disorder issue. I have a couple more trainings coming up. I'm feeling like I need a new twist in my presentations. So, I'm looking for creative and interesting ways to share research on the need to connect kids to nature beyond powerpoints (below are a couple of things I've done). Any ideas for getting the group thinking about action steps when they leave would be helpful as well. The irony is these programs are generally at confined to an indoor space.


I have created a board game where the players have to make a "whole child" by rolling the dice, moving forward to a colored square, then drawing a developmental domain of that color (i.e., cognitive development). The card then tells them a piece of research, an outdoor activity, etc and states where they have helped their child and get to add a developmental doman to their "whole child".


Another activity I've done is a sort of scattegories where I show household items and ask the participants to individually brainstorm ways they could use that object to connect kids to nature. Points are given for unique answers--that no one else has.


So, those are the kinds of things I'm wondering about. What great activities have you done? I'd appreciate any ideas you have--I'm needing something new and inspiring.

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