Hi there,

I'd like to share a new Environmentally founded and focused Jewish overnight camp called Eden Village Camp.  You can click here to watch a slideshow.  With our own farm, our campers make bread from wheat, make cheese from our goats, collect eggs help cook, and enjoy our 250 acres surrounded by state park.  The Appalachian trail touches the edge of our property line, and our local organic food was cheered.  

Please spread the word to families who may be interested.

You can go to our website by clicking here.

After working in camping for many years, this camp was an idea I had one day while doing the dishes, and then received a generous grant for the day after my wedding.  Last summer was our opening summer and 135 campers came from 17 states and 4 countries.  It was incredible!


With thanks,

Yoni Stadlin


Founder/Director/Friend of Eden Village Camp

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