First at all I am a nature lover. Thats how I become a active fighter for nature and get connected with children like never before.

My story about all that is to long to post it here but a few things are important to mention here. We work in conservation of flora and fauna.

Our slogan is: Action while others still talk.

It is almost to late. Please friends of nature wake up.

The background of our work here in central africa is the nature destruction and the bushmeat and animal trade problem. Thats why we created environmental education as our main project in cameroonian schools.

Children and not only children, adults too lost their knowledege about nature at all. Here in this regions are the source of life. Biodiversity is knowhere rich as here and the rainforest are mainly responsible for our planets climate. We have to protect it. Thats our goal.

To help and support children, teachers and any adult interested we created a cameroon forum. The theme is "children for nature". Please join us and help us to bring this place to life. The forum is brandnew and tehre is not yet much going on. Its up to you to change it.

We supp0rt schoolpartnerships, friendships at all and an exchange of knowledge. It is important.

We need your help and support.

Cordially yours

Wolfgang from Cameroon

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Good morning america. Warm greetings from cameroon.

In my posting above I did some advertising for another Internet forum which is mainly related to teachers and children to get connected. We are based in cameroon but our server is in USA.

Normaly it might be not very nice to advertice another forum here at this place. I appologize for that. Our forum is surely not a competition for c&nn and will never be. See it as a enrichment or a extension.
I dont mind to mention c&nn at our forum too. Lets get networked.

Our kids and teachers here are not very common with computers and internet. Most schools dont get any internet facilities. Often kids are coming to my home to do some actions over here. They need a platform which is unique for cameroon do find their own indentification and they need a helping hand.

Unfortunately the wildplanetecoproject homepage and the related forum is out of order since thursday. No message from the us-provider dateiload no nothing. We just paid our yearly bill. It is a desaster.

If anybody is interesetd in our work we still get a second homepage but there are no databanks and a forum is not running there. We are not able to pay for that service twice. Our domains name is: Its in german, english and french language available.

Hope for some more response to tell about to our kidsand teachers. They are excited to build up new friendschips with you.

Best wishes from cameroon


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