I live in Ras Al Khaimah the most northern emirate of the UAE and work as a KG2 teacher (5-6year olds) at an English speaking IB primary school. I am about to establish a forest school initiative ready for next academic year (2015/16) for our pre-K to Year 1 children. We are being donated as many trees of local species as we want from a nearby hotel resort! It's a very exciting project and I think the first of its kind in the UAE! 

Whilst I'm confident to lead outdoor education (I ran my own rural day care in the UK for 15 years and always had the children explore their learning environment outside!) my main concern is how to accommodate outdoor learning in the extreme weather conditions we have out here. Currently we are experiencing temperatures of 35-49 degrees C and it's only going to get hotter! By the time the children return in September the temperature will start to drop but will still be around the mid 30s! 

So long story short.......my question........does anyone have any experience and/or advice on encouraging and supporting outdoor learning/forest schooling in extreme temperatures? I would really appreciate any support, ideas, suggestions or advice that can be given :)

Many thanks,


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