Marathon Kids is on mission to get kids and families moving!  We want to grow a love of being physically active in kids at an early age so they become active adults!  Better yet let's get outside in the great outdoors! 

Let's count those nature walks towards our 104.8 mile or 4 marathon challenge.  Families get to set their pace and timeline,take up to a year .  Whether you go for a walk, jog, bike ride or any 20 minute moderate to vigorous movement counts as a mile - log your prgress on our mileage logs or Marathon Kids app. 

With each step and each mile go further than you thought you could all the while modeling the way with your kids.  Teach goal setting, how to track your progress and then celebrate your success at each marathon milestone with incentives!  

Marathon Kids offers a simple, fun and effective way to get the whole family moving!  

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