we are a New Zealand based start-up that works closely with councils and cities in both New Zealand and Australia on a new concept to get those digital natives aged 6-11 off the couch and physically active outside by using their beloved devices. 

Basically we developed the world's 1st digital playground, came out before Pokemon Go with 2 products and are doing pretty well in New Zealand and Australia. But now its time to move into other countries, like the US and Canada and we are looking for early council, city, community or school adopters, who want to be testers, provide us with feedback and be among the first to use the new outdoor play technology we have developed.

We are also looking for a council or city mentor, who loves technology, loves getting kids outside and understands his or her community and can therefor advise us about cultural differences and be our sounding board.

So here's what we have developed for councils, free to play for the community (!!!), and ethically squeaky clean, safe for kids to play, fun and on top of that they get a lot of exercise... 

Video link:

Magical Park - Coming to a park near you!

Halloween is coming soon and that is our opportunity to launch a few Magical Parks across the States. So we are looking for interested parties, advice on how to get in touch with parks and councils, community managers, youth activators, event planners... you name it... 

Happy to help out charity events by using our Magical Park as a fundraiser... 

A common question is, - if it's free to play for the community, without in-app purchases, in-app advertising or any other revenue mechanics, how do we make money and run a business? 

Our Magical Park is free to play for the community, but families can only play in designated parks that councils have signed up for! So our digital playground is a subscription service for council parks where the council or city can turn an urban park into a digital fairy land full of dragons, dinosaurs etc by paying a very low subscription fee to have the park turned on either for just a day or an entire year. 

I would love to hear some feedback. What do you see as a barrier to entry into the market and who do you think we should talk to? 

 Thank you so much, Mel

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