John Muir was a powerful force for change.

He championed the joys and the healing power of time in nature. He encouraged his fellow Americans to get out of the city and journey into the wild. He helped protect some of America’s most extraordinary natural areas, which are still around for our use and enjoyment today.

You too can be a positive force for change. Share your passion for connecting children and people of all ages to nature by hosting a House Party to watch "John Muir in the New World" and then get out into nature with your friends, neighbors and families.

American Masters "John Muir in the New World" will premiere nationally on PBS  Monday April 18th at 9:00pm (ET) (Check local listings). For more info, visit the American Masters web site.


For more information about registering and hosting a house party, see our John Muir House Party Guide.


You can also download our NEW Educators Discussion and Activity Guide and Family Nature Club Activity Gude. Both were created specifically for the premiere of "John Muir in the New World"


How are you planning to celebrate the life and legacy of John Muir? Are you hosting a party, leading a walk in nearby nature, starting a family nature club? Let us know what you're doing and some of the things that learning about passionate visionary John Muir has made you think about.

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Suz, I've been admiring John Muir's perspective on nature for years.

I listed several of his quotes and one from Aldo Leopold in the latest post to my blog,

Both of these men had profound perspectives and things to say about our relationship and coexistence with nature.

The PBS series on the National Parks was good. I'll be looking forward to this next broadcast.

My wife and I are going to tour the GA coast and visit forgotten and unspoiled gems of nature along the way.
Hi Larry! Your blog is truly wonderful. I'm really glad you shared it and I hope more people here stop to read it. The Muir and Leopold quotes and your message are so inspirational. You are obviously quite aligned with John Muir's work and life. I know you are going to enjoy the broadcast. Please come back and discuss! (When you get back from your wonderful trip.) Cheers!

A home  with children playing is a sound and community to behold.  

A community that provides a natural setting for children to discover and explore and at once allows for a peaceful setting to grow up,  is the accomplishment of the 21 century.  I am so glad that there were those such as John Muire to set the stage for r future.  Thank You from Vancouver *GVRD" Canada. (setting Burnaby) VS

Hi There! Thanks for your lovely reply and thoughts. Were you able to watch "John Muir in the New World"? It was truly inspirational. Welcome to the forum, too! I hope you find this a place of lively discussion and resources and keep us posted on your own connection to children and nature.
Let us Celebrate John Muir Day everyday! we will celebrate as we do everyday, "being" in nature and listening to the voice of natures love!..blessed be in the arms of nature.....Dolphin Smiles, Kathy

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