I'm bowled over by this blog post by Deborah J Stewart of Teach Preschool. What a start to 2012 and may every pre-school practitioner all over the world celebrate the joys of running up and down hills, climbing trees and freely playing in natural spaces.


For me this blog post is particularly interesting in that Deborah runs a hugely popular pre-school blog that's more well-know for cutesy craft activities and little literacy ideas. So is the right of children to enjoy free play in nature beginning to become the norm? What do you think?

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Hi Juliet,

I really feel it's catching on here in the United States. Thank Goodness! I have more teachers, administrators, school principals, and preschool/day care providers asking me about my work and how to become involved. The need and awareness is growing and I hope it will continue. The burden of academic standards is getting heavier and schools are looking for ways to brighten their students spirits. Spending more time exploring and learning outdoors seems to a popular solution and cost effective to boot!



Thanks for such positive feedback Amy. Also I'm getting the feeling that nature kindergartens, forest school and other similar pre-schools and groups are springing up all over the place. 

I hope that soon we may be able to gather those people who are invested in this philosophy together in here in Northeast!

Have a great winter Juliet! I am very much looking forward to the coming of Imbolc and the change of the chickadees songs,...


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