Family Adventures in Nature (in association with the San Diego Children and Nature Collaborative) is a locally based family nature club. We hold monthly and weekly adventures for families along with other activities. We held a "Pet Rock Picking and Painting Party" last week (one on a weekday afternoon, another Saturday morning). It was a huge success with about 20 families participating (nearly double that amount of kids). Everyone had a blast! I thought Pet Rocks would be a comfortable way to get parents and kids out together in nature ("meet them where they're at"), plus a lure into future events that will include the pet rocks.
We met at a local park that has some "natural" area too, and once the kids were done with their new "pets" they were off to play. Most initially started in the sandy area with play structures, but one 5 year old boy inspired other kids to the natural area where soon a total of about 13 kids were exploring, discovering and creating hide outs in the bushes. A great example of unstructured time in nature - - kids will be kids! It was beautiful thing to observe!
Now, as part of our regular Family Adventures in Nature activities, we will hold pet rock events for kids to bring their rocks to: Pet Rock Parades, Pet Rock "Pads" (making houses for them), Pet Rock Playdates (in nature), etc. Everyone knows that Pet Rocks love an adventure in nature! They benefit from unstructured time in nature too!

Pictures from the events can be found on our facebook page for Family Adventures in Nature.
Rock Painting Party pictures
Wilderness Wednesdays (smaller groups, explore local trails midweek)

Also, you can join our "BigTent" site for Family Adventures in Nature as an observational member. With your input, we can be an even better group, inspiring families to reconnect their children and nature! I would love to brainstorm, collaborate and give and receive support from members of C&NNConnect! Would you?

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