Nature Nurture is an approach to early intervention for vulnerable children and young people.  We have run successful programmes for the past 5 years in Scotland and have helped hundreds of children become more resilient by providing opportunities for free play and nurturing in wild spaces.  The effective formula of nature, carefully attuned relationships with trusted adults, and self initiated and directed play in stimulating and challenging natural environments has proved to be highly effective in improving children's wellbeing and resiliency.  

Now together with Dundee University in Scotland, we are proposing a post graduate certificate course in this approach to early intervention.  The course will be distance learning and comprise  two 30 credit courses with an option of three day face to face teaching for each course.  UK students will invited to join us in Scotland for the practical face to face aspects of the course over two long weekends.  The rest of the course will be delivered online.  For groups of students (over 8) outside the UK we can offer to deliver the face to face teaching in your country/state/ district as well as the online courses, assessments and tutorials.  

If you would like more information about the course and would like us to keep you informed about it's development, please contact me at

Thanks and best wishes for the New Year

Terri Harrison - Nature Nurture

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