There is an excellent Recommended Reading list posted on the C&NN website at I'll refer to as "Summer Reading" in anticipation of our national gathering in September). I've begun Seth Godin's Tribes and ordered a copy of Lenore Skenazy's Free Range Kids. I'd be very interested in hearing others' comments on and impressions of these books, and will certainly share mine as a I delve further. Since summer is short in our neck of the woods, I can't squeeze in reading of all of them, so would find it really valuable to hear your experience of other books on the list (and other relevant reading). Pull up a beach chair or a hammock and read on!

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Thanks for posting this list Marilyn. I think I'll order Tribes too. Would love to compare notes in CO. The other book from the list that I've heard raves about is "Coyote's Guide to Connecting with Nature." Might toss that in my back-pack for the (90 min!) bus ride to keystone.
I haven't read Tribes yet, but really enjoyed Free Range Kids. I am a big fan of Skenazy's blog, too. There was a great piece by Stuart Brown in the New York Times today, Let the Children Play (Some More).

Happy reading! ~ Bethe
Hi Marilyn

Thanks for flagging this list up. I always find it interesting to see what others recommend. I'm slowly building up listmanias on the UK Amazon website and always welcome suggestions of good books. Most have an outdoor or environmental theme. Anyone reading this, just drop me a note on my page!

Best wishes

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