I have realized it is important to head into the outdoors with a real awareness of how to be safe.  I am hoping that others will join in this discussion about how to educate ourselves and our children, so that we can step out into nature with respect and confident and feel safe.  

We have a small group of homeschoolers that meet up an Get Outdoors regularly.  I have always been comfortable outdoors --hiking, backpacking, etc, however, the other day I had a wake up call.  Our group had an encounter with ticks,......lots of them on one little 7 years old.  I spotted the first one on his shirt and it preceeded from there.  They were all over him, about 15.  The situation all worked out no tick bites etc, but the kids were scared and the Moms were a little shaken up.  

There are other situations that can arise and dangerous things that can be easily avoided.  -Poison Oak and Rattle Snakes come to mind.-  Some things that could be discussed are simple things like what to take on the trail.  Other topics of discussions are more serious like --what to do if you get  lost or separated from your group.  I believe it is important for not only the adult, but the children to learn these things before hitting the trail.

Any Thoughts

I am trying to develop some kind of a nature safety class for our group. 

Any ideas would be great


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Hi Margie,

Thanks for the info.  We are going ahead and doing a 3 part "Safety in Nature" series at our summer monthly meetups.

1 "Being Prepared" --What to bring on a hike

2 "Being Watchful"--Poisonous plants and Dangerous Animals

3 "Being Safe"------First Aid in Nature & What to do if you get lost in the woods.

I am still formulating the information so your input is helpful.  Our group is small --we have 30 families, but at the meetups it might be 10 kids and 10 moms.  The homeschoolers are tween age so there are very receptive.  We are having fun!


That was cute thanks,...we'll use it!!!

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