Dr. Steve Kress, an internationally known biologist for the National Audubon Society, established the world's first restored Puffin and seabird colony, on a seven acre island in Maine, called Eastern Egg Rock.  Read about this inspiring story in Project Puffin: How We Brought Puffins Back to Egg Rock (Tilbury House), a colorful paperback illustrated with dozens of photographs taken by project scientists.  Designed for about a third grade reading level and up, this wonderful true story will thrill children with images of the charismatic and clown-like Puffin, as well as how young conservationists painstakingly learned how to restore these seabirds to an island they had once lived on.

Dr. Kress and his colleague Pete Salmansohn  colloborated again on a second children's book, entitled Saving Birds: Heroes Around the World. (Tilbury House), which describes the efforts of six international conservationists and their supporting organizations in doing the nearly impossible for birds in trouble.  Follow the exploits of these courageous visionaries in China, Mexico, Israel, California, Sarawak, and New Zealand, as they work with six completely different species of birds in vastly different habitats, using novel ideas and actions to save them from demise.  Young people will see that even though the odds seem stacked against each of these people, they prevailed, and made a significant difference for wildlife.



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Hi Pete! Welcome to C&NN Connect. Thank you for sharing these book titles with us. They sound wonderful. I see that Dr. Kress is a member of this forum, as well. I hope you both continue to share your activities and projects with us.

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