Which states are pursuing or have adopted a Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights? What's the impact?

Wisconsin is the most recent state to pursue Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe other states (as state policy or statewide public campaign) include California, Florida, Marilyn, North Carolina, Kansas. Any others? http://www.wisopinion.com/index.iml?mdl=article.mdl&article=38875

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Here's a piece I did, published in Orion magazine in March, 2009. Some of you may be aware of it:


The topic is whether positive access to nature should be considered a human right for children (and the rest of us). I argued that yes, it should, and that right should be accompanied by a responsibility to protect and care for the natural world. I broadened that article into a chapter in "The Nature Principle," called The Right to a Walk in the Woods. Since the original article appeared, efforts have emerged in the Netherlands and the UK to promote this as a right, including as a United Nations effort. I made a moral argument, not a legalistic one, but such a right, if accepted, would probably have eventual legal implications. It's a debate worth having, and I'll be working on a new essay on this issue this week, or thereabouts. I'd appreciate any thoughts you have.

C&NN has complied a listing of Children's Outdoor Bills of Rights that we try to keep up to date.

Currently, the list of states and regions that have had Children’s Outdoor Bills of Rights or Environmental Literacy Plans signed into law includes the following:










Acadia National Park



The following states have Children’s Outdoor Bills of Rights currently working their way through their legislatures:



North Carolina


If you have other states and regions to add to the list or are doing work in this area, please let us know! Here's the complete article:


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