Your Help is needed! There's less than 24 hours left to vote for one of these 3 really good projects.

The first is a project called "The Hunger Games: A Study in Nature".  According to their contest page the project will be based on the popular novel series, The Hunger Games. A local nature center will look at nature through the eyes of the novel. Challenges in the series will include wild edibles, nature journals, animal tracking, archery, etc. There series will be aimed at teenagers and adults in the local area.

The second project is called "North Texas Kids Outside in Texas State Parks". According to their contest page they will host events at state parks near Dallas-Ft. Worth to introduce the outdoors to urban & minority families that may not usually visit those parks and natural areas for recreation. Families can hike trails, geocache for hidden treasures, kayak in the lakes and rivers, watch wildlife, attend interpreter presentations, enjoy the night skies, and even camp for a night! We will provide a supportive community, introduce them to outdoor recreation, and encourage a connection between each person and the outdoors. As leaders and outdoor enthusiasts, we value families, youth, and community as the major driving forces for reconnecting Americans to the outdoors.

The third project is called the "South Mississippi FaN Club.  The goal of the South Mississippi FaN Club is to reconnect south Mississippians to the natural world. We hope to accomplish this by scheduling outings into the great outdoors. We hope to employ activities such as camping, canoeing, hiking, biking, fishing and gardening as well as many other outdoor activities to bring ourselves and our friends, families and neighbors closer to nature.

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