Hi all,

So I'm embarking on an exciting but rather challenging project in the local City Park that will use iconic Florida landscapes (either recreated or symbolic) to allow families to play and interact with nature. Part of the conceptual plan includes an interactive water feature that is sort of like a Florida spring-fed stream. Trouble is that it will need a permit through the Dept. of Health and the water will need to be treated (there go the wetland plants!) My local contractors have no experience with this so I can't get information of costs, etc. Can anyone help?! I'm on a tight deadline to get City Commission approval of a budget. Please feel free to email me directly at meghan@designfromthegroundup.com or continue through this thread to let others benefit from the discussion.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Meghan Mick, ASLA

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Meghan, were you able to go ahead with this project? It sounds fantastic!


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