At the national Grassroots Gathering last August, a group of us had dinner together to talk about how to create and manage children in nature campaigns in our communities.  There was alot of meaty discussion, and good intentions to keep it going.  So here we go -- an attempt to revive that conversation and keep it going.  Will you join in?  I hope so!


What motivated me to do this right now was the e-news from C&NN with the spotlight on Ohio.  Very inspiring!  Let's share how to meet with that kind of success.

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Great idea, Marilyn!  We had somewhat of an advantage in that we have two long-standing grassroots initiatives - Cincinnati since 2006 and Central Ohio since 2007.   More recently, initiatives grew up the Miami Valley (Dayton area), Northeast and Northwest Ohio.  Our regional grassroots initiatives been building a broad base of community support from organizations in the health, education and early childhood, groups like scouts and the YMCA, etc.  So, it was not too difficult for us to identify leaders from those groups and pull them together for our Call to Action summit in April. We would be happy to share our process for developing the statewide movement, including some of the tools we used, like doing  webinars to inform/invite participation from the governor's office and others across the state, creating a matrix to collect information on what is happening in Ohio, etc. 

Thanks for starting this discussion, Marilyn! I agree, what is happening in Ohio is very inspiring, as is the Grassroots news from around the country and world. I hope a lot of others will take the opportunity to share.


Betsy, congratulations on all that you and the various collaboratives have done in Ohio. For those who haven't seen the newsletter yet that features the Ohio Grassroots, here is a link:

Excellent! Let's do.  Though it seems I'd forgotten that Alice Hohl had created a similar group last summer -- it's Local Grassroots Movements.  Maybe we can move this discussion back over to that group.


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