Hello! We are a nature education and conservation organization that built ourselves from the extensive resources of the C&NN serving our Chinese community in Guizhou, China. We've had huge success for over two years now. However, as the demand for our services has grown so has the demand on our own resources (organizers and supporting infrastructure), mostly volunteer up till now. We are looking for support to create our own Chinese version of the C&NN toolkit (or similar tool for families here) for sharing publicly and to run a series of workshops to train and empower local families to take more of their own initiative. As a Hong Kong registered organization, we can not access the resources directed towards American 501C3. We'd like to tap into local businesses here, but the infrastructure has a way to go to encourage this (it's currently risky). Has anyone else in the international community had other experience of successfully raising funds and can you provide some tips for us? If you'd like to see what we've been doing, you can visit us here: http://www.en.naturewize.org/activity-photoalbum.html

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Hi Katie

What a lovely set of photos! I have to say your query has stumped me! I wonder if rather than approaching Chinese businesses it is worth approaching American companies who have factories in China. 

The Children & Nature Network have a huge Facebook page with many thousands of followers. I think it may be worth putting this query on this page and seeing if you get some feedback there.

Best wishes and GOOD LUCK


Thanks for your suggestion, Juliet. I think it's just a whole new ball game in China where Facebook is blocked as well....but with some persistence we truly believe we'll find the right avenue and support. Best wishes to you too!



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