Hello Everyone

Here's an interesting and detailed piece of research that's just come out in the UK about the impact of gardening in schools. 

I think it would be relevant to other countries too.

I'm interested to know your thoughts here.


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Hello Juliet,

Thanks so much for sharing this. Definitely relevant to other countries, and important to spread around.

And while we're sharing, perhaps you've seen this already, but I came across some research from the University of Essex the other day, discussing how even five minutes outdoor exercise can make a difference in physical and mental health. Here's the link:
(A walk a day keeps the doctor at bay!)

Thanks Juliet we have a community Garden here in KAtoomba that runs school programs - I think they will appreciate this article.
Hi Judy - I hadn't seen this, but I'm not surprised given how much better I feel after a little outdoor exercise. Yeshi - I agree - I think gardens all over the world can seize this research with glee!
Thanks for posting this, Juliet. I noticed in their experimental design that they used a number of different schools for models but they didn't include a homeschool or backyard/patio as a test case.

It seems to me that given the curriculum and a set of instructions, parents who didn't have the opportunity in their school system could implement a learning garden on their own. The clear benefits would be well worth the investment.
Hi Mike

I do agree with you wholeheartedly. I think the omission was probably because homeschooling is pretty rare in the UK. I also think that we've still to fully embrace the role of parents in children's education here in the UK. We pay very good lip-service and there's lots of great initiatives but we've a long way to go.

Best wishes
I enjoyed this alot - especially section 3. If anybody is interested in it, I borrowed heavily from it and blogged about it here:

Gardening with Children: Four Reasons to Create a Backyard Learning...


Thanks for posting this research piece. I look forward to reading it! I'm a landscape architect and a university lecturer with practice, scholarly and service interests in children, youth and environments. One of my university studio courses this fall will involve a landscape master plan for a Catholic school in a small community in the state of Iowa. So, this report may prove to be helpful with this course!

I will keep you posted as appropriate as the course comes together.



Hello Tom

Thanks for joining this C&NN group and taking the time to explore its contents. One of the strengths of nature based and outdoor learning is that professionals from diverse sectors can have valuable input that ultimate benefit children in our care. I hope your landscape master plan is a success for the project you mentioned.

Best wishes



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