This month we were able to reconnect youth to nature by taking them on an interpretive hike through Griffith Park and a camping trip to the San Gabriel Mountains. We understand that youth from low income communities are not getting fair and equitable access to parks and wilderness areas. Because of this we have started an outdoor education program funded through a grant given by The San Gabriel Mountains Forever Coalition. This Program is reconnecting high school youth to their local parks and wilderness areas and is teaching them the importance of this connection and how vital it is to their physical and emotional well being.

Youth from the Los Angeles Leadership Academy located in Lincoln Heights and Franklin High school in the community of Highland Park are being given the chance to hike and camp their local mountains, which is something that unfortunately most of them do not have chance to do because of lack of resources and transportation. Our project is making sure that ethnically diverse communities in Los Angeles get fair access to recreation areas and is providing them with the tools to demand the protection and preservation of these areas. 

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