Kids are already curious and fascinated by the natural world. Growing up I was under the impression that I was the best bug catcher in the world. I spent hours out in the backyard collecting potato bugs and other crawlies. I had the opportunities and encouragement to be an avid explorer, and I suppose I just never stopped.Ranger Rick excites that natural explorer within kids. It encourages kids to stay curious, investigate, ask questions and learn about plants, animals, and everything in the natural world.


Perfect, so just hand a kid a Ranger Rick magazine and you’re done?


There’s more. We are natural role models. Parents, educators and mentors dedicated to giving children the best experiences outdoors as possible. Sometimes kids need someone to guide their inquiry, and the Ranger Rick educational staff put together incredible (and free) resources to delve deeper to learn about the world around us.

ParentsRanger Rick’s Nature Notebook is a resource provided each month to capture the wonders of nature. Each experience in nature is completely unique. The things we see, hear, smell and feel will never happen the same way again…better record it! An excellent intro to nature journaling, something I still do as an adult.

Educators: Back-to-school time is around the corner, and Ranger Rick can help make planning classroom activities easier. Each month the Ranger Rick educational staff put together free supplemental guides for teachers (activity guides, student pages, etc.). Share with your child's teachers and educators, they'll love you for it!

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