Hello FNCs!
I just wanted to suggest that you all take a look at the discussion on the Natural Teachers group forum. They are talking about promoting connecting children and nature through an "IditaNature", taking place in sync with the Iditarod (challenge is to spend the same # of minutes in nature as are spent on the iditarod(... See the discussion for details, but I think it is a fabulous idea that could be easily enough adapted for a family nature club. I don't know how well known the Iditarod is here in San Diego, but I'm going to think of another well-known event that IS known to kids/families around here and see if we can implement something similar.
Check it out and let's get a discussion started here on how we might do something like this with families in our FNCs. What do you think? Oh, all this gave me the idea of starting to plan now for the 2012 Summer Naturlympics! If we want to compete we better start training now!

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Thanks so much! I'll check it out.


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