Does anyone else feel like they are trying to get away from a lot of the outdoor badges ?  The majority were eliminated in an effort to promote Girl Scouting as a more "tech savvy" organization.  Now we have badges like Financial Literacy, Digital Photography etc...  Gone are the rocks and the stars and the weather etc...  I am hoping this is not a trend-but maybe that is wishful thinking.  The other day I took my girls to a scouting activity. After it was over they were having a blast outside climbing up a hill of dirt.   The other moms were looking at me like I was crazy-and irresponsible-LOL !! 

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We typically offer 14 girl scout badges at our nature center. I was very disappointed when I went to the girl scout council headquarters to pick up the new badge books. I ended up not even making the purchase due to so few nature and outdoor badges. It is very sad that they have made such a huge change. I am hoping to incorporate some of the "journey" activities for brownies and daisy girls. They are more "outdoor" oriented.

I think my Junior troop is going to look at this issue and try to survey other scouts, see how they feel about this change and inform headquarters of their results !!

I am a scout leader and naturalist.  I think somuch of scouting depends on wha the leaders are interested in.  I haven't even looked at the new badge books to be honest.  My interest has always been in the camping, outdoor education, and community service.  We earn very few badges.  But I have heard many many other leader who are better badge earners complain about the lackof outdoor badges.  When we did the junior journey that incorproates community service (the one with the spider)  several of our grils chose environmental and/or animal topics.

Yes, I do!! I miss that. I've been a leader for 5 years, and this weekend will only be the 2nd time my troop as a whole has been camping. All of our meeting are spent inside, and most of our projects center on crafts and community service.  My co-leader also does not share my enthusiasm for the outdoors and nature. Don't misunderstand me, she's a great leader and Girl Scouts is one of the best organizations for girls there is, but this isn't what I pictured when I decided to be a leader:). Rather than fight it, or change what is probably unchangeable, I'm looking to start my own nature club. Those girls in my troop (and any others) who want to spend more time learning about the outdoors will be welcome:) We may not earn any badges, but we'll have a lot of fun!


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