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My name is Dawn and I am the admin of the new Earth Scouts Network which is a program of the Earth Charter U.S. organization.  I think it would be great for traditional scouts to connect with the Earth Scouts concept and take a look at some of the great ideas that are emerging during this time when it is so important for us to help guide the children into a new future, or should I say follow them as they guide us!


Earth Scouts have badges and it is co-ed which is a really popular idea these days as we try to move away from the 'gender wars' that have predominated most of our lives.  Please visit our network and let's see what kind of synergy can happen.


Thank you!



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Sounds really interesting! I'm interested in hearing more about your organization, as well as how some of its concepts could be applied in a traditional scouting environment.



Hi Justin


The first thought I had was the 'badges' that the Earth Scouts are currently using and developing.  The Earth Scouts is still in it's infancy so it is really a good time to be nurturing ideas and connections like this.  You can check out the network at http://www.earthscouts.ning.com   Most of the resources and information are posted in this forum:


Before this network was built almost a year ago all the groups were on Yahoo listserves which really limited healthy growth that networks like this one and now the Earth Scouts are hosted on.  The Earth Charter U.S. also has not until recently been able to devote the energy needed to develop Earth Scouts.   I am related to one of the owners of the company that fiscally sponsors the Earth Scouts platform and have volunteered my time to help Earth Scouts evolve.  I think connecting with traditional scouting would be an excellent way to weave the worlds together.

I also think traditional scout groups would benefit from learning about the Earth Charter and its principles.  I don't know what kind of rules exist within traditional scout groups in regards to integrating and working with emerging sustainable living organizations and charters?  Let's keep the conversation going...

Thank you




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