Frequently Asked Questions

What is Children & Nature Network?

Children & Nature Network was created to encourage and support people and organizations working worldwide to reconnect children with nature.


What is C&NN Connect?

C&NN Connect is a network of researchers, educators, organizations, and individuals dedicated to connecting children with nature. C&NN Connect is a place for members to communicate with others who share their passion for the outdoors and for helping children and others to enjoy it. There are opportunities to join specific groups, comment publicly to other members, send private messages to members, add blog posts and pictures, post videos, ask questions of the group, and publicize events.


C&NN Connect does not tolerate messages of an overtly commercial nature, or of a nature that is not in keeping with the children and nature movement, either in the discussion or comment areas or by private messages to members. C&NN also advocates "best internet practices" re. "spam": Messages may be posted to 1 or 2 relevant discussions or groups, but not to many. C&NN reserves the right to suspend members who do not follow these guidelines. Please send a direct message to Suz Lipman, Director of Social Media Partnerships and Promotions, if you have any questions about them.


How is C&NN Connect (NING) different from the C&NN web site?

C&NN Connect is a peer-to-peer online network, a place to participate, contribute, promote, and share what you are doing to connect children with nature. Join the group discussions, read and post about events, add photos, contribute blog entries, and more.

The C&NN web site provides access to the latest news and research in the Children and Nature field, as well as the latest activity in the grassroots Movement to get more people involved. The web site also features a map and listings for regional campaigns, family nature clubs, outdoor programs and events, throughout the world. Many articles are linked between the web site and C&NN Connect (the NING network.)


I just joined C&NN Connect. What should I do now?

Introduce yourself on the main comment wall. Or join a group that interests you and join or start a discussion within the group. Or look at the main Discussion area to see what people are saying and join in. Or post a blog, video or photos to let people know how you are participating in the children and nature movement.

Can anyone join C&NN Connect?

Anyone can read C&NN Connect. Any person 13 years or older can sign up for a free account to begin blogging, commenting, and uploading media. C&NN Connect offers many opportunities for interacting and networking with other members. When you join, remember to fill in your bio and other information so the group can get to know you. C&NN reserves the right to decline memberships that are commercial or otherwise inappropriate in nature.


Can anyone start a group?

Any registered C&NN Connect member can start a group. Groups are typically formed around a geographical region or a region of interest. For example, if you are particularly interested in nature groups for teens, you would join an existing group that addressed your interest, or start one of your own if one does not already exist. The Group tab, at the top of any page, will access a page that lists all the current groups and allows you to add your own.


Do you have to join a group to leave a comment for that group?



What is the Discussion Forum?

The discussion forum is a place to ask questions and promote discussion about topics relevant to the Children and Nature Movement. All members can participate in any discussion. This is a great place for questions that are general, and that you hope to get feedback on. Discussion openers and comments also appear on the C&NN Connect Main page. To access the Forum, pull down from the Forum tab at the top of any page.


What are updates?

Updates are 140-character messages that you can input from the top of your own blog page. Updates appear in the News stream on the C&NN main page, as well as on your blog page.


How do direct messages work?

To send a private message to another C&NN Connect member, access the “Send a Message” icon that appears on the left panel of that person’s blog page.


Do you have to be someone’s friend to leave a comment to send them direct messages or leave comments on their blog?



Are there other ways to connect with members?

C&NN maintains an active Facebook page and Twitter account, where one can always find real-time news and discussions, and network with others who are interested in the Children and Nature Movement. You can often find additional information on members, including websites and social media addresses, in their bios. Bios appear on each member’s page.


How can I find nature events in my area?

The Event tab at the top of any C&NN Connect page will take you to a list of upcoming events, programs or talks that members have posted. The C&NN web site also offers a detailed map and listings of campaigns, events and nature clubs, by region, at


Can anyone post an event to the C&NN Connect calendar?

Any member of the network can post an event that relates to children and nature.


How do I add a blog post to C&NN Connect?

Once you have joined the network, you will automatically have a blog page. You can post ideas, stories, event announcements, pictures and more to your page. Other members may comment on your blog posts. To see all recent blog posts, pull down the Blog tab at the top of the C&NN Connect page. To add a blog post, click on the “Add a Blog Post” button that appears toward the upper right of your blog page. That button will take you to a very easy-to-use form in which to enter your blog title and contents. You will be able to save drafts and preview your post, before putting it up for public view.

You may also delete your blog posts at any time, by clicking on the “Edit Blog Posts” button at the top of the blog page, and then marking the post for deletion and clicking on the delete button.


What are blog tags?

You may tag your blog with multiple categories, such as "hiking" "Spring" or "school gardens". Tags help people search for and find your blog by category. Note that two-word phrases should be entered in quotes.

If you want your blog posts to appear in the C&NN BlogNet (see below), you will have to add the tags "playoutdoors" and "cnnblognet" to every blog post. This applies only to blogs that are entered directly onto C&NN Connect and not to outside blogs that are registered with the BlogNet.


How do I post pictures and videos to C&NN Connect?

Photos can be added within blog posts by clicking on the camera icon at the top of the blog content box. The icon will allow you to upload a photo from your computer that you have permission to use. You can also add individual photos or create photo albums by clicking on the Photos tab at the top of any C&NN Connect page. That will take you to a page that lets you upload, organize and label photos. Photos can be uploaded from your computer, flickr account, phone or e-mail.

You may also delete your photos at any time, using the delete button that appears in the lower left corner of the Photo or Album screen.

Videos can be added by clicking on the Videos tab at the top of any page, which will take you to an uploader. Videos can be uploaded from your computer, phone, e-mail, or various video services. You may also delete your videos at any time, using the delete button that appears in the lower left corner of the Video screen.

If you want your photos and videos to appear in the C&NN BlogNet (see below), you will have to add the tags "playoutdoors" and "cnnblognet" to every blog, photo or video. This applies only to blogs, photos and videos that are entered directly onto C&NN Connect and not to outside blogs that are registered with the BlogNet.

How do I report spam or abuse and what does C&NN do about it?


We’re a small network of like-minded people, so we don’t come across much of either. Should they occur, please send a direct message to Suz Lipman, Social Media Director, to let her know. Do not answer the sender directly. Controls are in place to block most commercial or inappropriate messages before they enter the network. But, as with all social media networks, the occasional unwanted messages appear. Members or accounts that post spam are immediately deleted.


I'm being asked for an RSS feed in my profile. What is that?

RSS (known as Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication) is a format for delivering your blog content to whoever wishes to subscribe to it. Many people subscribe to RSS feeds in a “Reader”. (Google and Yahoo offer readers.) This allows them to receive your and others’ web content in one stream whenever they’d like, without having to visit each blog. By entering your RSS feed address, you will automatically be added to the C&NN BlogNet. This will allow readers all over the world to read about your adventures in nature. Joining the BlogNet will also connect you to the greater nature blogging community.


How do I find my RSS feed address?

Your RSS feed address is different from your blog or web site address, or URL. Many blog platforms, like Blogger, offer on-site buttons, on your blog, that will convert your blog address to an RSS feed address. Sometimes these buttons will have a square orange icon. On Wordpress, you just have to add “/feed” to the end of your blog’s address. If you are not sure that you have a valid RSS feed address, you can enter it here to find out:


What is the C&NN Blognet?

This new BlogNet is an effort to aggregate members' nature blogs in list form, in one place, so that community members and readers can easily find and read eachother's blogs, and blog creators can attain greater readership. It is still in the testing stage. We will let you know the BlogNet address when it becomes available.

If you want your blogs, photos and videos to appear in the C&NN BlogNet, you will have to add the tags "playoutdoors" and "cnnblognet" to every blog, photo or video. This applies only to blogs that are entered directly onto C&NN Connect and not to outside blogs that are registered with the BlogNet.


What if my question wasn’t answered?

Please feel free to send a direct message to Amy Pertschuk, Director of Network Communications.


You need to be a member of COMMUNITY FORUM to add comments!


Comment by Mary Ann Mayer on August 8, 2020 at 12:52pm

Hello Suz, As a new member I'm nervous seeing a comment which could be spam? It originates from 2 particular C&NN members from the United Arab Emirates sending the same message to many other members' pages. (I did a quick check.)  The message reads,

"Good Day, How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on ( these 2 persons each give their personal email ) for the full details.Have a nice day Thanks God bless." 

 Suz, thank you for looking into this.  Of course I didn't respond, and perhaps you can advise me whether or not to be concerned?

Comment by amy pertschuk on January 7, 2014 at 12:45pm

Barbra, I'll message you directly. Ok?

Comment by BM on January 7, 2014 at 12:28pm

I'm just not finding this. I went to my page, and then friends. There is "view" all, but no Requests Sent.  Also, what is the difference between Friends and Members of my group. Friends don't show up under members and I'm not getting why there'd be a difference :)

Comment by amy pertschuk on January 7, 2014 at 9:29am

Hello, Barbara. To view your pending invites go to your "Friends" page. You get to this page from your page. Find the View All Link under your friends list. Once you are on your friends page you should see a tab called Requests Sent (1) with the number of outstanding requests. Click on this to see who has not yet accepted your request.

Comment by BM on January 7, 2014 at 9:15am

How can I see the list of friends I've invited to join my page?

Comment by Suz Lipman on February 3, 2012 at 9:20am

Hi Rachel! Warm welcome to C&NN Connect. I'm the forum host. I'm glad you found us and hope you make yourself at home in discussions and groups and share your activities, photos and ideas with us. I suggest wading into the National Teachers Network for starters. To change your name on your page, go to "My Page". Scroll down until you see Profile Information. Click on the Edit button. You should be able to change the name on your profile where it reads "full name". Let me know if this doesn't work. Hope to see you here again soon.

Comment by Callaway Gardens on February 3, 2012 at 9:08am

How can i change the name of my page to represent my organizations name versus my name?  Thanks.

Comment by Suz Lipman on November 13, 2010 at 5:09pm
Hi Marie-Josee and Gary, I'm so sorry that I didn't see your questions here until now. Chances are that if you received an e-mail notification about a message or comment, and then that comment was gone once you went to visit it, that it was one of those (thankfully) rare times when a member was removed from the system for posting inappropriate things. When members are removed, their comments are removed as well. If an e-mail message was removed, then I believe the sender removed it themselves. I hope that helps.
Comment by Marie-Josée LeBlanc on September 6, 2010 at 8:30pm
I have the same comment than the one posted by Gary Ferguson.i received an email notification telling me that I received a message that need to be approved ( and it happened before but was not able to find were to go to rad it and then approve if appropriate. Can you help us Suz?
Comment by Gary Ferguson on September 6, 2010 at 5:31pm
Just a quick note that when I was recently alerted via email that someone had "added a comment to my profile," neither the link provided in that email for viewing the comment, nor the one provided for responding to it, were working. (The first took me to an old message sent a month ago, while the latter took me to a message that said the page could not be found.)

Gary Ferguson

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