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The Importance of Early Childhood Nature Connection: A Bootfull of Pollywogs

Sunshine and springtime were rare bedfellows where I grew up. One day when I was four, my mother took me into the forest a few blocks from home. She had heard that the “Frog Pond," as it was known, was brimming with tadpoles. Cinching the deal that fateful day were scattered, caressing rays of sun . . .

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Make a flower bubble-pipe

Blow bubbles with flowers...

At breakfast, we looked out the window and discovered that the wild crossvine had bloomed (Bignonia capreolata). Every spring it…


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Wood Frogs Are Here!

We have been waiting and listening, waiting and listening. Each day as we walk to and from the bus, we—the kindergarteners and teachers— listen for an early spring sound. It is usually heard around St. Patrick’s Day, but with this mild winter, everything seems to be happening early. On Friday, March 9th, we heard it: a unique quacking sound coming…


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Top Ten Reasons to Garden with Children-part 3

1. Nutrition

2. Gardner in the Garden

3. Loving the Natural Environment

4.)Increased Sensory Experiences

5.) Food Security

6.) Wonder and Discovery

7.) Establish Nature Routines

8.) Emergent Learning

9.) Community



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Indigenous Skills in the Classroom

Having an extensive background in survival skills has transferred nicely to the classroom as every year the students learn about the indigenous tribes of Maine and North America.  We get outside and work on skills like fire by friction and shelter building. …


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Art and Nature

In our schoolhouse, we try to do a weekly art lesson as part of their visual arts requirements.  These standards are very general and give a lot of leeway for interpretation, so we end up doing a lot of tie-in to other subject areas, especially science.  Art is a wonderful way to not just learn a new way of self-expression, but also to truly look at nature with…


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Activities/games for hiking kids: When You Hear Train

Generally, exploring and discovery is enough for kids, but sometimes even they can grow bored with that and become restless. Remember that they naturally have shorter attention spans than adults.

Fortunately, there are lots of tried and true activities you can do on the trail that’ll keep kids from getting bored. Among them is “When You Hear Train."

Have children line up single file; then pick a sound, such as a bird singing or a snapped twig. When the person in the lead hears…


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Growing a Naturalist

In his book Naturalist, famed American biologist and writer Edward O. Wilson describes his evolution as a biologist as beginning during in childhood when he wandered beaches each summer:

“Hands-on experience at the critical time, not systematic knowledge, is what counts in the making of a naturalist. Better to be an untutored savage for a while, not to know the names…


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A Healthy Parent = A Healthy Kid

The Returning of Light

We often discuss the vast array of benefits that our children receive from regular…


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Enter the "First Peas to the Table" Pea Growing Contest

Each Spring, in the colonial U.S., founding father and extraordinary gardener Thomas Jefferson held a friendly contest with his neighbors to…


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Creating a Sense of Place in a One-Room Schoolhouse

For the past 4 years my husband and I have run a tiny one-room schoolhouse on an island off the coast of Maine.  Having grown up in the area, it was a wonderful move for me to leave bush Alaska where I had been teaching on a remote island, back home to Maine.  Another island?! I couldn't help but laugh.  The schoolhouse is over 100 years old.  You can see still the…


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Hello All!

Hi there, my name is Mark.  I live in Toronto and I am in the very preliminary stages of planning a new C&NN program in my area.  I would love to hear from anyone out there who has experience with starting up a program from the ground up.  I am currently reviewing the start-up materials provided by C&NN, and they are very helpful (and overwhelming!).  If there are any seasoned program pros out there who are willing to share their experiences &…


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Nature Based / Environmental Schools

I am looking for a list (or am interested in making a list) of Environmental Schools.  If you are aware of a list, would you please comment on how I can get the list?  In addition, if you know of, or work at  an environmental school would you please comment with the name of the school, location, level and the number of years the school has been an environmental school.  

I am interested in learning more about why some…


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Spring Break Keeper Kids at the Tennessee Aquarium Connects Kids with Nature

The Tennessee Aquarium recently hosted author, blogger and naturalist David Mizejewski – the voice of the National Wildlife Federation – in Chattanooga to promote the benefits of outdoor play and environment-based activities such as the aquarium’s Spring Break Keeper Kids program.…


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Natural Playscape at Chattanooga Preschool Transforms Outdoor Playtime

Highland Plaza United Methodist Preschool in Hixson, Tenn., is changing the way their students spend time outdoors. The preschool has converted a traditional playground and land surrounding their school into a wooded wonderland, an enchanting natural playscape that encourages children to wonder and explore outside.

Vicky Flessner, the preschool’s director of 21 years, and her staff, with the assistance of parent volunteers, have worked for four years to raise funds, map out and design…


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5 Ways to Make it Better

5 Ways to Make it Better…


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Early Childhood Environmental Education Blog

Please follow and support my blog.  This is my first attempt at blogging as I want to share my knowledge with everyone and get everyone;s feedback as well.  I am hoping that this blog can become a great resource for all educators.  I am focusing on using children's literature and natural play.  Let me know what you think.

Thanks all.

Corey L.S.

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